Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

So, I've been mulling over what I'm going to do professionally. For the past 3 years, I've been in an assignment that is, shall we say, boring as fuck. Once in a very great while I get to have a teeny bit of fun (fun=arresting someone, chasing someone, working out an unusually difficult investigation, using my brain). Most of the time, I do relatively little, more administrative and regulatory functions.

Now, I could do this job for a while longer, IF I knew something would be changing. For example, my agency's budget has been raped and pillaged. We were talking layoffs just a few short months ago and, as a compromise, all employees have to take 40 hours of furlough time between January 1 and June 30 2010. Once FY2011 rolls around, no one can really say what is going to happen. We could be right back to the layoff talks. This time, the union has said we won't even consider voting on the issue of furloughs again, even if it means saving jobs. Once is enough. Last time around, I missed the layoff cut by 2 people. Close fggn call. They could decide to lay off more than before, totally within the realm of possibility.

In addition to all that, I drive 63 miles each way to work and home. That's over $300 per month in gas expenditure. Just to go to a job that doesn't challenge me in the least. But the schedule is okay and there eventually should be opportunity to move up and investigate real crime again. Maybe. Assuming I would be given the promotion.

Plus, I really, really, REALLY miss working the street. It's been 3 years . Over that time, I've tried not to think about what I'm missing but I still wonder where my boys are going when I hear or see a squad running Code 3. I still stop and check on officers on traffic stops or other calls when they are alone and I am armed. I can't help it, but it's in my blood. I thought I would be okay without it, but after I left, I had to find something else that filled that adrenaline dump for me. The closest thing was roller derby and that didn't turn out so hot.

So, I've submitted an application with a local department near home. The pay is just a little bit less, but with the money saved on gas, it should work out just about right. No more work related wear and tear on my vehicle. No more being bored out of my mind and unable to do anything about it. Assuming I get hired. I have nearly 10 years experience all told, 7 on the street and 3 in investigations. I'm a DRE, an EMT, and several other acronyms. I think I'll be getting a job offer at some point (fingers crossed).

What has irritated me up to this point is the grape vine. I only turned my resume in Friday. 4 days ago. Yesterday, I was already getting texts about the job from other cops. Holy crap, that's got to be a new land speed record.

On another note, I saw this link on another cop's blog. I checked it out and was really touched. Take a look at A Little Pink in a World of Camo

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