Monday, November 30, 2009


I am saddened and angered by the tragedy that happened in Washington State over the weekend, which cost us three brothers and a sister. An execution of 4 cops carried out by a violent individual who should still be serving his prison term in Arkansas. But, because Governor Twat Huckabee and the ridiculous Arkansas Parole Board thought he should be released because he was "so young", four families have lost their loved ones. 

In a disgusting side note, this dirtbag was out on bond on an Assault on a Peace Officer charge, as well as a Sex Abuse of a young child charge. He's a violent felon 10 times over. 

As I type this entry, there is no news of his capture or his death. At this point, since the criminal justice system can't seem to keep the worst behind its walls, I'm kind of hoping the officer that fought him in the cofee shop hit him with the shots that were fired.

"Blessed are the peacekeepers for they shall be called the Children of God" - Matthew 5:9

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