Sunday, November 15, 2009

Divorce sucks

So, I'm in the middle of a divorce. My soon to be ex and I are actually doing a really good job of putting our kid first and communicating as co-parents. Honestly, we've been co-parents for a long time. We're both cops and we've always worked different shifts so we would need minimal child care. Unfortunately, we ended up as roomates instead of spouses. So, this summer, we decided it was best if we went our separate ways. More accurately, I broached the topic and he ultimately agreed, even if he was reluctant.

It has gotten a little tougher in recent weeks. He's understandably angry with me for ending it and I have some anger and resentment for his emotional abandonment of me when I really needed him over the last couple of years.

Last night, we both went to a family function at my mother's. My sister, who I've never really been great friends with, but we've always gotten along, even though we're total opposites, made it pretty clear through her actions that she's got her sights set on my ex. I can't tell you how incredibly angry I am. I ended up leaving early because if I stayed, I would've throttled her. Don't get me wrong, my ex and I are finished and he's seeing other women. I have no problem with that. In fact, I'm glad he has someone to distract him on occasion. HOWEVER, my sister should know better. I guess she showed me her true colors.

ANYWAY... on a more enjoyable note, this is the end of my 3 day weekend. I feel like I ran my ass off all weekend except for today. I got to sleep in, did a little workin' out, and now I'm being abosultely worthless. I love my 3 day weekends. And with the way my schedule works out, I get them every other weekend. My job may be boring compared to working the street, but I can't sniff at the schedule.

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